2019 Chevy Express Cargo Van Interior Dimensions

Red Chevy Express Cargo Van

The 2019 Chevy Express Cargo Van interior dimensions give Florence, KY and Cincinnati, OH businesses access to the space they need to haul gear, tools, deliverables, and even people wherever the job takes them. See how the two wheelbase options measure up, get a feel for how easy it is to make the Express work for your business, then visit Tom Gill Chevrolet to get yours today.

Chevy Express Interior Dimensions

The full-sized commercial Chevy Express Cargo Van helps businesses deliver goods, move tools, and keep equipment close at hand thanks in part to its spacious interior dimensions, which vary slightly depending on wheelbase selected:

  • Standard Wheelbase: From the rear doors to the back of the front seats, the regular wheelbase provides 124.6 inches of floor space. For drivers who need more, the cargo capacity can be pushed forward to the front console to provide as much as 153.6 inches of floor room for a total maximum cargo volume of 239.7 cubic feet.
  • Extended Wheelbase:For maximum carrying capacity, Chevy offers an even larger Express with an extended wheelbase. In this van, drivers can expect 146.2 inches of floor length to the back of the passenger seats and up to 173.6 inches when cargo is moved all the way up to the front console for a maximum cargo capacity of 313.9 cubic feet.

In both wheelbase configurations, the space between wheel housings is 52.7 inches, for a floor that is more than 4-feet wide.
Man Working in 2019 Chevy Express Cargo Area

Chevy Express Cargo Interior Design

The Express Cargo is designed to be user-friendly with an easy to access interior, wide opening doors, and plenty of extra features businesses are sure to love:

  • Rear Barn Doors: The dual rear doors open wide – a full 57.0 inches – for unobstructed access to tools and equipment and easy loading of large deliverables.
  • Side Access: Drivers can choose between hinged side doors or a convenient sliding door option to make getting into the front cargo area a snap.
  • Tie-Downs: Standard tie-downs help drivers to secure equipment and deliverables for safety and convenience.
  • Low Step-up: The cargo area is convenient to load thanks to a low step-in of just 20.8 inches at the side doors, allowing drivers to load heavy materials with minimum strain.
  • Vinyl Flooring: A rubberized vinyl floor covering is easy to clean and minimizes damage from equipment rolling around on unprotected metal floors.
  • Auxiliary Lighting: To make loading and unloading less stressful – even at night – the rear cargo area can be equipped with an optional lighting package.
  • Crew Seating: For businesses that move more than cargo, the optional five-passenger seating option can accommodate people and equipment with ease.
  • Storage Bins: A variety of after-purchase accessories are available straight from the manufacturer, including shelving and bins that allow businesses to customize the rear cargo area to exactly their specifications.
  • Tool Racks: Ladder and tool racks allow business owners to mount larger equipment to the outside of the vehicle on special racks designed specifically for the van, providing eve more usable cargo space.

See the 2019 Chevy Express Cargo Van Interior Dimensions Firsthand

The 2019 Chevy Express Cargo Van interior dimensions are designed to get Florence, KY and Cincinnati, OH businesses moving. Contact Tom Gill Chevrolet at (859) 568-3214 or visit us at 7830 Commerce Drive to see why Florence, Covington, and Cincinnati, OH businesses choose us when they need a work vehicle.