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    The Chevrolet brand has come a long way in its journey to becoming one of the top-selling auto manufacturers in the world. From its humble beginnings in the city of Detroit to the creation of the iconic “bowtie emblem,” Chevy has grown and evolved with the changing times to stay ahead of the curve. Let’s take a trip back to 1911, when the Chevrolet Motor Company first debuted, and find out how Chevy history has led to its immense success in the modern day.

The Early Years


The Chevrolet Motor Company formed in Detroit as the brainchild of race car driver, Louis Chevrolet, and GM founder, Billy Durant.


The Series C "Classic Six" hits the roads with a price tag of $2,150.

1912 Chevrolet Type C Classic Six*


Louis Chevrolet leaves the company, and Billy Durant becomes the sole owner. He also premieres the iconic Chevy bowtie emblem for the first time in a public ad.

Chevrolet Bowtie logo from 1913*


The first Chevy truck debuts, as Chevrolet merges into part of the General Motors brand.

1918 Chevrolet Truck


The first international Chevy plant opens in Copenhagen, Denmark.


With a total of 1 million vehicles sold, Chevy overtakes its rival - Ford.

Building The Legacy


The original SUV, the Suburban Carryall, hits the roads to mark the first appearance of the longest-running nameplate in auto history.

1935 Chevrolet Suburban*


Due to the war effort, Chevy ceases civilian vehicles in favor of military trucks.


Chevy resumes the production of civilian cars after three years of military vehicle manufacturing.


Chevy debuts its "Advance Design" pickup trucks, which are the blueprint for the 2003 Chevy SSR.

1948 Chevrolet Pickup Truck


The first automatic transmission appears on a low-priced American vehicle as Chevy's Powerglide transmission debuts.


The 50 millionth General Motors vehicle goes down in history: a 1955 Chevrolet Bel-Air.

1955 Chevy BelAir*


Chevrolet becomes part of pop culture when television personality Dinah Shore uses the song "See the U.S.A. in your Chevrolet" to close out each episode of her show.


Chevy introduces fuel injection technology and four-wheel drive trucks to the U.S. market.


The Chevy Impala appears in showrooms for the very first time.

1958 Chevy Impala

Modern History


The Beach Boys pay homage to the 208 cubic-inch V8 engine with their classic song, "4-0-9".


The Corvette Sting Ray is built with a unique split rear-window design, and it remains the only model year to do so. This is one of the most sought-after vintage Corvette models for this reason.

1963 Chevrolet Corvette*


As a response to its rival Ford Mustang, Chevy debuts the high-powered Camaro.

1967 Chevy Camaro*


Heralded as arguably the best muscle car ever, the 450-hp Chevelle SS 454 hits the dealerships and cements its place in auto history.

1970 Chevy Chevelle*


The 1979 Chevy Monza becomes the 100 millionth Chevy ever produced.


Chevy adds a line of all-new full-size pickups to its regular cab models with the brand new "extended cab" body style.

1988 Chevy SIlverado 1500 Pickup trucks*


The Corvette ZR1 becomes the most powerful production car in GM history with a whopping 638 hp - a record that still stands!

2009 Corvette ZR1*


The discontinued Chevy Camaro is reintroduced, outselling the Ford Mustang.

2010 Chevrolet Camaro


Chevy dives into the green vehicle market with the extended range Chevy Volt, while celebrating 100 years of auto history.

2011 Chevrolet Volt*
*Photo source Chevrolet Media Pressroom
†Photo source GM Heritage Center


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