Chevrolet Replacement Headlights in Florence and Covington, KY

Your headlights make it possible for you to drive your car whenever you want – even in the dead of night. Not only that, they help other drivers see you when the weather is less than favorable. If it’s time to replace this essential piece of safety equipment, read our primer on the types of Chevy replacement headlights available, then stop by your Florence and Covington Chevrolet parts leader, Tom Gill Chevrolet.

What Are the Different Types of Headlights?

Modern vehicles use a variety of different technologies to light up the night:

Halogen: Currently the most common choice on new vehicles, these headlamps are incandescent bulbs filled with halogen gas. The bulb receives electricity from the vehicle’s electrical system, heating the tungsten filament until it glows.
HID/Xenon: High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps are more efficient than halogen and are gaining popularity with manufacturers. The HID bulb is a tube filled with a mixture of gasses, sporting a tungsten electrode at each end. Each electrode is exposed to electricity, causing current to pass between the two, creating light.

LED: Light-Emitting Diode lights use tiny semiconductors to release photons in a process known as electroluminescence. This process requires less power to produce light and, because of their small size, can be used to make interesting designs.

Laser: New technology that could be available on selected models in the future includes lasers, which promises to be as much as 1,000 times brighter than LED technology with double the range.

2017 Chevrolet Impala

2017 Chevrolet impala exterior

How Long Does Each Type Last?

The lifespan of your bulb depends on a number of variables, but as a general rule, drivers can expect the following from new lights:

  • Halogen Bulbs: Halogens last for about 1,000 hours of use under normal conditions.
  • HID/Xenon Bulbs: High-Intensity Discharge bulbs have a life expectancy of up to 2,000 hours under normal conditions.
  • LED Lamps: LED lights have rated life expectancies as long as 15,000 hours under normal usage.
  • Laser: Laser light makers have yet to release information about the expected lifespan of these bulbs.
2018 Chevrolet Equinox on road

Why Choose OEM over Aftermarket?

2017 Chevy Tahoe

You can buy headlights for your vehicle from any parts dealer, but if you want to know you’re getting the highest quality replacement bulbs, there are a few reasons to choose OEM over aftermarket:

  • Better Fit: OEM parts are designed specifically for the vehicle you drive. Aftermarket parts are made to fit many makes and models, so they might not fit as securely.
  • Higher Quality. OEM parts are designed to be as good or better than factory original. Aftermarket parts are designed to be cheap.
  • Longer Life. Because OEM parts are made to be high quality, they will last longer, saving you money.
  • Warranty. OEM parts have a factory warranty to protect consumers from defective products. Many aftermarket products do not.

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