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Fort Thomas Drivers Find Comprehensive Auto Financing at Tom Gill Chevrolet

Tom Gill Chevrolet is your Chevrolet dealer in Fort Thomas, and we’ve been voted one of the most trusted dealers in the state. Our financing staff is devoted to honesty and great customer service, and we make applying for financing a breeze! No matter what your financial situation is, we’re happy to help.

To Lease or Buy?

Many drivers aren’t sure whether leasing or buying makes more sense for them. Buying a car can be a major investment, but it’s great for drivers who want to maintain a car for years to come and customize it with aftermarket accessories or modifications. However, if you want to have the newest model every couple of years, with all the electronic accessories, safety features, and technology that each year brings, leasing a car makes more sense. With a lease, you’ll only keep a car for a set number of months before you turn it in for a new model. However, many leases come with mileage restrictions and may require the vehicle to be in a certain condition when you turn it in, so consider your driving usage carefully before you commit to a lease. Our finance staff can help you decide whether leasing or buying a car is right for you!s

We’ll Help With any Situation

Many auto buyers who don’t have the best credit history worry that they may not be able to get an auto loan. At Tom Gill Chevrolet, we want to make sure that everyone who walks through our doors can drive off in an affordable vehicle. In fact, getting an auto loan can be a great way to repair or build your credit score!

Our finance staff has access to a variety of credit sources with access to extensive lines of credit, and we can provide you with a number of options to fit your lifestyle and needs. We’re committed to helping you make sure that you have a payment plan you can live with.

Tom Gill Finance Makes it Easy

At Tom Gill Chevrolet we promise that the price we advertise is the price you’ll get. No hidden fees, no add-ons, no last-minute adjustments – just total transparency and great service. We’ll walk you through the financing process so you know exactly why you’re paying what you’re paying with no obfuscation.

To make the process easier, you can always fill out a form to apply for financing online. Our application is easy and secure, and it’ll speed up the process so that our finance team knows just how to help you when you walk in.

Join the Tom Gill Chevrolet Family

To start your journey as a Chevrolet owner in the Fort Thomas area, contact our finance team online today! Then stop by to see us anytime from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday!