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Alexandria Drivers Turn to Tom Gill for Expert Oil Change Service

Alexandria drivers looking to get an oil change for their Chevrolet or GM vehicle need look no further than Tom Gill Chevrolet. We’ve been your trusted Alexandria area Chevrolet dealer for years, and we pride ourselves on our full-service garage and top-notch maintenance. Read on for more information about your next oil change!

Trust Our Oil Change Technicians

Oil changes are necessary for the proper maintenance of your vehicle, as fresh oil lubricates the moving parts of the engine. Without regular oil changes, your vehicle will undergo unnecessary wear and tear and will begin to malfunction.

Our highly trained team knows which kind of oil your car needs to keep it running at peak performance, so you’ll never be overcharged for an oil you don’t need or given an inferior grade of oil that will harm your engine. You can trust your car to our factory-certified technicians.

When to Have an Oil Change

Most vehicles need an oil change every three months or 3000 miles. However, many luxury or high-performance vehicles operate on different schedules since their engines may be highly tuned. Vehicles made for high-load hauling or cargo may also have different needs.

Our service technicians have years of experience with Chevrolet vehicles, as well as most other major makes and brands. We know when your vehicle will need its oil changed, so you won’t waste money and time on too-frequent changes; you also won’t have to worry about your engine wearing down as a result of too few oil changes. Schedule your next oil change online today!

We Perform all Needed Maintenance

Keeping your car on the road means more than just a regular oil change. You may need tune-ups, tire alignments, fluids and filters checked, brake pads replaced, and a number of other check-ups. At our full-service maintenance and repair center, we can handle all these services and more! Our technicians are trained by GM to keep up with the latest technology, so you know that any model is safe in our hands.

Find Premier Service at Tom Gill

To schedule an oil change or any other maintenance or service, contact our service staff online or call us at 888-998-2309 today. We look forward to helping out! Visit us in Florence, Kentucky at 7830 Commerce Drive where we are only a short drive from the dealership!