Coney Island Park is the Perfect Cincinnati Summer Destination for Families

June 26th, 2014 by

Coney IslandThere’s no need to travel to Disney World this summer. Instead head over to Coney Island Park, a very fun Cincinnati attraction. Inside the park there are musical live performances, miniature golf, arcade games, classic rides for thrill seekers, and North America’s largest flat-surfaced pool for when you need to cool off. Located at 6201 Kellogg Avenue in Cincinnati, it’s a great place for families looking to have a lot of fun without spending an arm and a leg.

Classic Rides

Coney Island Park is packed with classic carnival rides for you to enjoy. With a $12.95 ride pass, you can jump aboard the Ferris wheel, carousel, or take one something a little bit more pulse pounding like the park’s brand new WIPEOUT! On WIPEOUT!, you’re raised up into the air while spinning around in all directions; definitely not for the squeamish and only for the daring. If you’re looking for something a little more relaxing, Coney Island Park has canoes and small motor boats available to cruise around the park’s Lake Como.

Sunlite Pool

Sunlite Pool was built back in 1925, and it’s still a wonder to behold. It’s 200 feet wide, 401 feet long, and holds around three million gallons of water. Tickets are $13.95 to get in to the pool, and there’s a free picnic area where grilling is allowed. Of course, there’s a lot more to do at Sunlite Pool than jumping off the diving board and swimming laps. They have some of the best water slides around:

  • The Twister: the newest slide at the pool is actually four slides in one. There are two body slides and two tube slides to choose from. It’s 45 feet tall and offers a quarter mile of slide terrain to go down. This one should keep the kids busy for quite some time.
  • The Pipeline Plunge: as the name implies, you take a plunge down this 45-foot slide that’s fully enclosed. Are you brave enough to take the plunge?
  • The Cyclone: at 70 feet, this is the tallest slide we have in the park. After sending you around in a spiral, the cyclone shoots you down into the deepend.
  • In-Pool Slide: the smallest slide in the park is one of the fastest, sending you straight into the middle of the Sunlite Pool.
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Live Entertainment

In summer 2014, the Coney Island Park is featuring three different shows that you won’t want to miss:

  • Musicology: featuring the Coney Island singers and dancers, Musicology is a wild trip through sound covering music from all types of genres. They might start with a hip-hop song right off the radio and end in ’70s disco. You never know where this show might go.
  • Kickin’ Country: similar to Musicology, the Coney Island singers and dancers come back for a set of country hits. Strap on your cowboy boots!
  • Safari Adventure: this pumped-up romp through the jungle is a great interactive experience for young and old. Dance along with some beasts of the safari and learn more about the jungle.
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