New Vehicle Advantages

A Lifetime of Value

Tom Gill Chevrolet’s New Vehicle Advantages 

Our goal is to deliver a lifetime experience to our customer’s. This mission serves the backbone for our advantage program. Our advantage program has one goal: to give our customers more value than any other automotive retailer. So far, that has been the case and we continue to deliver on that value day in and day out!


Tom Gill Chevrolet Advantages: A Lifetime of Value


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Lifetime Oil Changes

It’s simple. Your car hits the mileage when it needs an oil change, you call or go online and schedule that oil change and we change your oil. As long as you own the vehicle, you don’t have to pay for an oil change.

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Lifetime Service Loaners

Ever had one of those times when vehicle repairs were going to take longer than a couple hours? You became worried about how you were going to get around? Not anymore! Simply request a loaner at the time of your appointment and let the worry be left in the dust.

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My Chevrolet Rewards

You know all those reward programs you love? We have one that you’ll love to! My Rewards offers savings on services, accessories and even car purchases.Best thing about buying a new Chevrolet? You get $100 in accessory rewards value right away!

Trade-In Advantage

Trade-In Advantage

We make it easy to bring your vehicle back for service, so you should. If you do, you will qualify for up to $1,000 in additional trade-in value when you purchase your next vehicle.

Lifetime car washes

Lifetime Car Washes

Washing your car is a pain. Traditional car washes can scratch your car. No need to worry now! Bring your car in once a year or once a day and get it squeaky clean! Plus, we have a brush-less car wash, so you don’t have to worry about any unwanted scratches again.


LUXCARE Protection

Your new vehicle is already applied, inside and out, with our LUXCARE XT product. This helps protect your vehicle from the elements. We are so excited about this, we give you a year of warranty. So if in that first year you get a small hole in your seat or some paint defect you don’t have to come out of pocket to make your vehicle look new again. If you want to take the coverage even further, ask about the extended LUXCARE warranty.

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48-Hour Money Back Guarantee

We are the only dealership in the area to offer this and that should say everything. We give you the time to make sure your purchase was right for you. If it is not, simply return the vehicle in two days and within 200 miles. No questions asked from us and all the peace of mind for you.

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