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How to Lease a Car

If you are in the market for a new vehicle, like a new Chevy Bolt, and have questions about leasing, the finance experts at Tom Gill Chevy are here to help. What does leasing a car involve and why is it beneficial? Depending on your driving habits, leasing can be a cost-effective option for your next car. Learn how to lease a car with these simple steps.

The Basics of Leasing

Leasing a vehicle is essentially the same as renting a car for an extended period of time. Monthly lease payments are typically less than what they would be if the vehicle was financed traditionally, however there are mileage limits and fees for excess wear and tear. One other aspect to keep in mind is that when you lease, you typically are not able to customize your vehicle because it will eventually be returned to the dealership.

Plan the Perfect Deal

Ideally, you want to lease your vehicle for no longer than three years, so you can be sure that it will still be covered under the original bumper-to-bumper warranty. Some people opt to lease their vehicle longer to reduce monthly payments, but this can be risky and you may have to invest money in a vehicle that you aren’t going to own.

Other important notes on leasing:

  • Most leases have a 12,000-mile per year limit. If you would like to buy extra miles upfront, that is an option.
  • It is a good idea to talk to your insurance agent about a quote for coverage. Typically, lease companies require more coverage on leased cars because liability is higher.
How to Lease a Car with Tom Gill Chevy

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Estimate Your Payments and Check for Lease Deals

Before you shop, be sure to estimate your payments so you know exactly what you can afford. Tom Gill Chevy makes it easy to calculate what your monthly payments could be, which simplifies the shopping process. You can also check for manufacturer lease specials for additional savings/ learn how to refinance an auto loan, or about a car lease buyout.

Find Your Perfect Vehicle Today

At Tom Gill Chevy, we have a wide selection of vehicles in stock for you to choose from, and our finance department would be glad to walk you through the leasing process. Feel free to contact us at your convenience or stop by the dealership today.


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