Find History and Whimsy at the American Sign Museum

June 2nd, 2014 by

The American Sign Museum deserves a sport on any list of Cincinnati-area attractions. This unique museum houses one of the country’s largest collections of historical signs. Many you will recognize, many will surprise you, and some are from the earliest days of American history.

The museum features a 19,000 square feet of exhibition space with 28-foot ceilings to accommodate some of the larger signs. The site was formerly a former women’s clothing factory and even a parachute factory in the historic Camp Washington neighborhood of Cincinnati. The museum was initially opened as the National Signs of the Times Museum in 1999, but it changed its name in 2005. New signs are always being added, and plans are in the works to add more interactive exhibits.

Cincinnati Skyline

Signs at the American Sign Museum

  • Classic movie posters
  • Beer signs
  • Restaurant signs
  • Las Vegas Casino signs
  • Professional and college sports signs
  • Signs from famous Cincinnati-area businesses
  • Many, many more

Neon Shop

The American Sign Museum features a working neon shop where visitors can watch as neon signs are crafted and restored. Expert craftsmen give visitors a unique look at this fascinating and often-misunderstood art form. Watch as a neon signs go from raw materials to the colorful, glowing, animated finished product. The sign makers work in a fully functioning studio that is surrounded by glass so visitors can get an up-close look at every step in the process.

Special Exhibitions

The American Sign Museum often hosts traveling and special exhibitions of signs. Past exhibitions have focused on everything from signs created by WPA artists, to signs from historic political campaigns, to signs containing glaring mistakes. These special exhibits give visitors a unique opportunity to see how varied, complex, and artistic signage can be.

Plan Your Trip to the American Sign Museum

Signage may not sound like the most interesting topic, but one trip to the American Sign Museum proves otherwise. This is a must-visit destination for anyone in the Cincinnati area. Plan your trip today, and prepare to be amazed by the fascinating and familiar sites you encounter.

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