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When you come to our Cincinnati-area Chevy dealership for service and repairs, we use genuine Chevy parts produced and approved by General Motors. We realize you don’t have to choose us, though, and can go to another shop where they use aftermarket parts. Here’s a look at the difference between Chevy OEM parts and aftermarket parts. When you’re ready, explore available parts — we’d be happy to walk you through our popular Silverado accessories.

Aftermarket Parts Offer Variety and Some Concerns

The definition of an aftermarket part is anything built for a car that does not come from the manufacturer of a particular vehicle. For example, Napa is a popular aftermarket parts builder. Most independent mechanics will use aftermarket parts when doing repairs. If you’re planning on going this route, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Quality: there’s a massive selection of aftermarket parts out there. Even something seemingly simple can have dozens of different options. Many aftermarket parts use inferior materials and will not give you the same high-level of performance as a Chevy part.
  • Warranty: if your car is still under warranty, you need to be careful when selecting a part as some may void the warranty. There are also a lot of aftermarket parts out there that don’t come with their own warranty, so you’re out of luck if they don’t do the job.

Chevy OEM Parts Guarantee Quality

Now that we’ve looked at aftermarket parts, it’s time to turn back to genuine Chevy parts. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Quality Assurance: when you buy a Chevy part, it’s designed to fit in your car and work the same as the original part you drove off the lot with. You won’t have to worry about choosing an inferior part.
  • Warranty Backed: during the warranty period, parts replacement will be covered if something goes wrong. Each part is also backed by its own warranty.
  • Dealership Replacement: at our Chevy service center, we’ll take care of switching out the part. Our technicians are specially certified by Chevy and are very familiar with your vehicle.
  • Easy to Order: you can order parts directly from Tom Gill Chevy. We keep them in stock and can order anything else directly from Chevy.

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