How to Align Headlights on My Car

July 18th, 2018 by

Headlights of car driving in fog

If your car lights don’t seem as bright as they used to, it’s time to learn how to align headlights. Adjusting headlights isn’t difficult. You just need a tape measure, masking tape, and your owner’s manual.

How to Adjust Headlights

  1. Prepare your car. Fill your tires to the manufacturer’s recommended levels, remove everything from your trunk or hatch, and fill your gas tank half full.
  2. Park on level ground. Position your car 10 to 15 feet away from a garage door or dark wall. Bounce all four corners to make sure your shocks are leveled. Measure the distance from the ground to both headlights to make sure they’re even.
  3. Test your headlights. Turn on the regular beams, then mark the horizontal and vertical center lines with masking tape or painters tape to form two crosses. See if they’re level with each other and that they’re no more than 3 ½ feet from the ground.
  4. Back up 25 feet from the wall. This needs to be measured exactly.
  5. Adjust the headlights. With your headlights turned off, remove the ring and find the screws for the horizontal and vertical adjusters. You may need to refer to your manual to locate them. Block one of the headlights with something, then turn on the lights, and adjust the first light so the beam lines up with the center of the tape cross by turning the screw or bolt – clockwise to raise the beams, counterclockwise to lower the beams. Do the same with the other light.
  6. Test the alignment. Turn your lights on and see if they match up to the tape, and then take your car out on the road to check for brightness.
Night Driving Thru Forest
Arial View of Car driving with headlights

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