How Do I Safely Jumpstart My Car Battery?

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KY commute. Fortunately, the service experts at Tom Gill Chevrolet can help walk you through the steps and get you back on the road until you can get a battery replacement.

  1. Gather Your tools. You’ll need jumper cables, rubber work gloves, a wire brush, and safety glasses.
  2. Phone a Friend. Another car with a good battery will provide the juice to jumpstart your car. Note that alternative fuel and electric vehicles can be damaged if used when jumping a car.
  3. Pop the Hood. Inspect your battery. Remove the terminal covers if present. If terminals are corroded or dirty, clean them with a wire brush to ensure a good connection. Wear your gloves and safety glasses at all times.
  4. Check for Leaks. A leaky battery won’t hold a charge and could be dangerous. If you see battery fluid, call a professional about car battery replacement instead.
  5. Turn off the Vehicles. Make sure the donor car is off and that both vehicles are in park.
  6. Connect the Cables. Jumper cables have a red clip and a black clip. Connect one red clip to your battery’s POS (positive) terminal and the black clip to your vehicle’s NEG (negative) terminal or the metal body of the car. Connect the other red clip to the donor car’s POS battery terminal and the black clip to the donor vehicle’s NEG terminal or the body of the car.
  7. Start the Donor. Start the donor car and let it run for a few minutes.
  8. Start Your Engines. Try to start your car. If it resists, give it a few more minutes and try again.
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How Do I Choose the Right Car Battery Size for My Model?

Once you’ve figured out how to jump your car, you may find that you need a car battery replacement. In this case, the next step would be for you to figure out the right kind of battery for your car. Choosing the right car battery can be tricky without expert help. As a rule, we recommend using a car battery selector that can tell you which type of replacement battery your car needs, as well as the battery size, reserve capacity, and the level of cold cranking amps you’ll need to get the most from your vehicle’s systems.

How Often Should I Change My Car Battery?

Each replacement battery will have a label that tells you how long it should last under normal use. If you live in a climate with extreme temperature shifts, your vehicle tows, hauls, or powers additional equipment, or you’ve been in an accident, you may need to replace your battery before the date on the label. Contact a professional before purchasing a car battery replacement or attempting car battery installation to ensure the problem isn’t something else.

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Is it Possible to Jumpstart Without Another Car?

If you happen to have an extra battery for a boat or camper, or you own a car battery charger that can fast-charge or jump your battery, jumping a car without another car is simple. Just follow steps 1-4 above and connect the clips to the terminals as described. Let the vehicle charge for 15 minutes before attempting to start it.

Let Tom Gill Chevrolet’s Service Department Help With Car Battery Replacement

While you now know how to jump your car, we don’t recommend that you use this trick to put a bandaid over a more serious problem. If you’ve needed to repeatedly jumpstart your car on your daily Florence, KY commute, let the service department at Tom Gill Chevrolet help. We’ll inspect your vehicle, suggest the right car battery replacement, and install it on the spot. Bring your vehicle to our service department at 7830 Commerce Drive in Florence, KY to get started.

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