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Tires at Tom Gill Chevy

A lot has changed with automobiles over the last half century, but some things have stayed the same – you have to get your oil changed, you have to get your brake pads replaced, and you have to replace your tires. The cost of this necessary maintenance can really add up, especially over time, but it you don’t take care of in on schedule, it could damage your vehicle, or put you and your passengers at risk. Here at Tom Gill Chevy, we want everyone to be safe on the road and love their driving experience, which is why we are dedicated to helping you find the lowest prices on necessities like tires. Use this simple guide to know when to change your tires and how to find the best price.

Tire Replacement Basics

  • Determine how many tires you need – Ideally, all your tires will have the same amount of wear on them, but that doesn’t mean it is necessary to replace all four at once. Examine your tires for signs of tread loss and damage to determine how many are in need of replacement.
  • Find out what size replacement you need – The sidewall of your tire should have its size printed on it, but if you switch brands or upgrade styles, the information may not translate easily. The best bet is to rely on a tire replacement professional that can determine if you have the right size tire.
  • Decide if you want special tires – There are basic tires, and then there are snow tires, all-season tires, and a few other specialized styles. Think of when and where you drive the most to determine if special tires are necessary. If most of your driving is done on roads that are free of snow and ice, basic tires are probably fine for you needs.

Finding the Lowest Piece

You can scour the newspaper or internet looking for tire discounts, or rely on a used tire dealer, or you could simply participate in the Tom Gill Advantage program and get your next set of four tires at no charge. All you have to do is have your vehicle serviced exclusively at our dealership according to the factory required maintenance schedule, and when you are due for new tires, we will give them to you for free and install them professionally. You can’t pay any less than nothing.

Rely on Tom Gill Chevy Today

Thanks to programs like the Tom Gill Advantage, we help Cincinnati area residents save on their automotive needs. To find out about all that we can and will do for you, contact us, or visit us in person.

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