How Often to Change Your Spark Plugs

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Many Cincinnati, OH-area drivers often wonder how often they should change the spark plugs in their Chevrolet vehicle. While many recommend replacing them every 30,000 miles, it will vary depending on your specific model. Refer to your owner’s manual for additional information. Learn more about replacing your spark plugs at the Tom Gill Chevrolet service center.

When Do I Change Spark Plugs?

Spark plugs are one of the components in the ignition system that works by moving the high voltage current from the ignition coil to ignite the combustion chamber as soon as the vehicle is started. If the spark plugs are not functioning correctly, you will begin to see issues in your vehicle’s performance:

  • Engine is running rough
  • Engine misfire
  • High fuel consumption
  • Poor acceleration
  • Rough idling
  • Slow or no start
Used car spark plugs

Benefits of Changing Your Spark Plugs

On top of avoiding the issues above, there are other benefits that come from checking your spark plugs regularly as part of the preventative maintenance schedule for your new Chevrolet vehicle:

  • Consistent combustion system – Spark plugs allow for the constant production of combustion and leave your vehicle’s system running the way it should.
  • Improved fuel economy – Having a worn out spark plug can decrease your fuel economy by as much as 30%, and replacing it can help get it back.
  • Less harmful emissions – Replacing your vehicle’s spark plugs can not only help increase your gas mileage, but it can also improve your emissions.
  • Your vehicle starts smoothly – Replace your spark plug, and when you turn the key in the ignition, you can feel your vehicle start effortlessly.
Mechanic with new spark plug

Learn More About Changing Spark Plugs at Tom Gill Chevrolet

If you notice any of the issues we mentioned and want confirmation that new spark plugs are needed, schedule a service appointment at our Covington-area service center. Our factory-trained mechanics will evaluate and repair your vehicle in no time. We’re also here to provide tips on summer car maintenancehow to wash your car, how to program your garage door opener, and provide information like why tire rotations are important. Contact us today if you have any questions!


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