How To Calculate Gas Mileage

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Getting the most out of your vehicle is important, so we understand why you would want to know how to calculate gas mileage. No matter what vehicle you have or where you’re trying to go in Covington, we can help you get there. Take a look below at our guide and gas mileage calculator and be sure to review our service tips and tricks for more helpful information!

Gas Mileage Calculator

Calculating your gas mileage (fuel efficiency) is simple and only requires a basic understanding of division. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to calculate your car’s gas mileage in Independence: 

  1. Fill up your gas tank to its full capacity and reset your trip odometer to zero. If your car doesn’t have a trip odometer, you can simply note down the current mileage from the standard odometer.
  2. Drive your car as you normally would until it’s time to refuel.
  3. At your next fill-up, take note of the total gallons of gas needed to refill the tank to its full capacity. Also, record the miles driven since the last fill-up (this will either be the reading on your trip odometer or the difference in mileage from your standard odometer since the last fill-up).
  4. Calculate your gas mileage by dividing the total miles driven by the total gallons of gas used to refill the tank.

Formula: Miles Per Gallon (MPG) = Total Miles Driven / Total Gallons of Gas Used

For example, if you drove 300 miles and used 10 gallons of gas to refill your tank, your MPG would be 300 divided by 10, or 30 MPG.

It’s also imperative you keep in mind some other factors that affect your gas mileage, like:

  • Driving style
  • Vehicle condition
  • Type of fuel
  • Driving conditions
  • Weather

So, it’s good to calculate the MPG over several tanks of gas to get an average for a more accurate understanding of your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Maximize Your Gas Mileage Today at Tom Gill Chevrolet near Cincinnati, OH

Still have questions about how to calculate gas mileage, gas mileage calculators, or about your vehicle’s mpg ratings? Let us help you optimize your vehicle’s gas mileage in Florence. Reach out to our team for additional assistance or feel free to schedule a service appointment with our service center team if you need more information.


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