Service Contracts

Tom Gill Chevrolet has you covered…

Guaranteed Asset Protection

Newly purchased vehicles depreciate the second that they leave the dealership lot. In many cases, when a vehicle is stolen or totaled in an accident, it is possible that you could owe more money on the vehicle than the insurance company will pay. Guaranteed Asset Protection is a way that drivers can help cover the difference between what is still owed on the vehicle and what the insurance company actually pays. This coverage is ideal for drivers looking for extra security against unforeseen circumstances such as theft, fire, or natural disasters that result in a total loss.

The Mechanic

As your vehicle gets older, the risk and costs of mechanical breakdown increases. Repairs can be costly due to the new innovative features that are constantly being added to vehicles. Once the factory warranty ends, you will have to pay out of pocket for any repairs that are necessary. The Mechanic® vehicle service contract helps to protect against those expenses. Four different levels of affordable coverage are available. Help is just a phone call away with 24/7 roadside assistance and rental reimbursement.

Three for One

Protecting your vehicle against hazards like potholes, windshield chips, and parking lot dings can start to add up when protection plans are purchased separately. ThreeForOne Road Hazard Protection makes it affordable to keep your vehicle safe. The plan can cover repairs to your tires and wheels as well as your windshield and cover paintless dent repair. By combining these three plans into one, you get more benefits for less cost.


Harsh weather, car washes, birds, insects, and spilled food can harm the interior or exterior of your vehicle. This can lead to a diminished appearance and lower resale value. LuxcareXT® can help prevent paint fading from UV rays, road salt, acid rain, and more. It can also help protect your interior from permanent stains, discoloration, and small rips or tears.

Road Hazard

Our Road Hazard Plus Vehicle Service Contracts can bundle up to four kinds of coverage to keep your customers’ vehicles driving safely and looking new. Assurant Resource Automotive’s comprehensive programs cover repairs to tires, wheels, and windshield. Also, it can include the repair or replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged keys. Our extensive hazard protection can combine all these programs into one simple bundle, elevating your customer relationships, and boosting your dealership’s potential for growth.