Tire Protection

Tom Gill Advantage Tire Protection

You have to service your vehicle somewhere. Service at Tom Gill Chevrolet and with every eligible service purchase, you will receive — at no cost — our tire protection! Any oil service, minor service, major service or purchase of four tires!

  • Road hazard tire protection in case your tires are damaged for 6 months or 5000 miles.
  • Up to $25 toward the repair of your tire
  • Up to $175 toward replacing your tire
  • Maximum benefit of $175 per protection period
  • Your tires are covered when the tread depth is greater than 4/32” and there is no current damage. You must return to Tom Gill Chevrolet for tire repair or replacement to receive tire protection benefits.

Complete Program Details

This limited road hazard protection is offered by Tom Gill Chevrolet. It is valid only when Tom Gill Chevrolet performs the needed service or repair. It shall be your obligation to get the tire needing repair or service to Tom Gill Chevrolet service center. Towing services are not included in this protection. No reimbursements will be made for work, service or repairs done at another repair facility. This limited road hazard protection covers only the original purchaser on the original vehicle and is not transferable.Road Hazard Protection: Road hazard damage is damage to your tire resulting from normal driving conditions which renders the tire unserviceable. Upon purchase of qualifying service, tire road hazard protection will be offered when the tread depth is greater than 4/32” at time of service and there is no damage to the tires. This protection will be for the period of 6 months or 5000 miles whichever comes first. If your tire is damaged and can safely be repaired, the tire will be repaired by Tom Gill Chevrolet. If your tire is damaged and cannot safely be repaired during the term of six (6) months or 5000 miles and there is more than 3/32” of tread remaining, the damaged tire will be replaced with and exact make/model of the tire, if available. If not available, a comparable tire will be installed. Tom Gill Chevrolet reserves the exclusive right to determine if a tire is repairable.  If a tire is repaired or replaced, the protection under this agreement is the same as the existing tires and does not extend beyond the original six (6) month or 5000 mile term from the original service date.

Claims Procedure: In order to receive this protection on your tire, you must provide to Tom Gill Chevrolet the original service invoice. The maximum benefit per benefit period (6 months or 5000 miles) is $175.

Exclusions: The following vehicles are excluded and not eligible for coverage: vehicles with a load rating of ¾ ton or greater, commercial vehicles, farm vehicles, Corvettes, Camaros, or vehicles used “off road”. Off road use is defined as driving on any surface that is not paved or graveled, and/or maintained by federal, state, or local government entities. Coverage excludes damage from collision, vandalism, theft, chains, manufacturer’s defects, abuse and neglect, which include, but not are not limited to, wheel spinning, improper inflation, torque snags, and wheel lock up. Coverage excludes damage caused by mechanical failure such as alignment, balance, struts, interference from any mechanical component, etc. Consequential and incidental damage are excluded. Tom Gill Chevrolet reserves the right to cancel this protection at any time by notifying you.

Entire Agreement: No expressed or implied guarantee or warranties are given other than stated herein. This agreement shall comprise the entire agreement between the parties, and no agent acting on behalf of the parties is authorized to change this agreement. In the event Tom Gill Chevrolet agrees to modification or changes to this agreement, any and all modifications must be made expressly in writing and signed and dated by both parties; otherwise, they shall be void. Any disputes which arise under this agreement shall be governed by Kentucky law and brought in a Boone County, Kentucky court.