Why Choosing Chevrolet Parts Matters

April 30th, 2015 by
Senior mechanic working on windshield wipers

Senior mechanic working on windshield wipers

When something goes wrong in your Chevy, it can be temping to choose aftermarket parts, but smart drivers know the right parts make all the difference. OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer parts are replacement pieces that come from the vehicles manufacturer. They are the same parts the car is built with, so they are a guaranteed exact match. At Tom Gill Chevrolet, our Florence service department uses only original Chevy parts when we do all repairs. That way you know you’re getting the best and everything will work properly.

OEM Parts: The Perfect Fit

Choosing to use aftermarket parts not made by the manufacturer can be risky. There is no guarantee that the part will fit, or how long the part will last for. The multitude of options can make getting a part that only fit last years model, or falls apart quickly a real possibility. By going with an OEM part, the service team at Tom Gill can promise that it will be the right part for any model and year. Choosing an OEM part means it will be the right fit.

OEM parts also come with the promise of higher quality, and many come with their own warranty. OEM parts can often times be used in a vehicle without voiding the vehicle’s manufacturer warranties, a huge bonus when looking to upgrade or repair a vehicle. Dealer warranties are often the best protection a vehicle can have during its life.

Drivers who are leasing their cars must pay special attention to make sure that they get OEM parts. Many leasing agreements maintain that a driver will lose their security deposit if they repair their vehicle using aftermarket parts. Although they might be more expensive than some aftermarket parts, investing in OEM parts will pay off in the long run.

Get Your Parts From Tom Gill Chevrolet

Chevrolet drivers in Cincinnati, Tom Gill has the parts you’re looking for with the service team you can trust. Feel free to order parts online or visit us at 7830 Commerce Drive in Florence, KY.

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