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Tom Gill is Your Source for Auto Financing Near Newport

Tom Gill Chevrolet has a reputation for honesty and fair dealing in the Newport area, and that’s especially evident in our finance department. You can trust Tom Gill to give you a fair price, explain what you’re paying for and how the process works, and to make sure you can live with your payment plan.

Why Tom Gill?

Only Tom Gill has the Advantage Price Guarantee. We promise that any advertised price for a vehicle in any media will be the price you pay for that vehicle. No haggling, no hidden fees or last-minute add-ons. Just great value and a great car you’ll love. Our finance staff wants you to know what you’re paying and why, so they’ll walk you through even the complicated parts of financing your vehicle. By the time you’re done financing your new car, we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with your price and payment plan!

Lease or Buy? We Can Help You Decide

A choice many people have to make at a dealership is whether they want to lease or buy their car. Leasing is great for drivers who like to have the latest model every year or so, and drivers who aren’t planning to take long trips or put a lot of wear and tear on their car. Buying a car is great for drivers who might take long trips that are hard on the car, or who want a long-term investment, or who want to modify their car in some way. Once you’ve decided on the car you love, our financial staff can help you decide whether to lease it or buy it.

Great Service in Any Situation

Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit, Tom Gill just wants to see you drive off the lot in the car you love with a payment plan you can live with. We have access to a wide variety of credit sources, as well as millions of dollars worth of credit–no matter what your credit score is, Tom Gill can help. We’ll help you work out a payment plan you can be sure of paying on time so that you can keep your car with confidence, and even improve your credit score!

Apply for Financing Today

Don’t delay! Apply for financing online at Tom Gill Chevrolet today or in person. Come see our inventory today. We are just a short drive from Newport in Florence, KY at 7830 Commerce Drive.