Choose Tom Gill Chevrolet for Premium Oil Changes in the Milford, OH Area

Tom Gill Chevrolet is your trusted Chevrolet dealer in the Milford, OH area, but did you know that we also have a full-service garage? When it comes time to change your oil, don’t go to just any garage: head to Tom Gill Chevrolet for service you can trust.

When is it Time to Change Your Oil?

Most vehicles need their oil changed about every 5000 miles; however, some vehicles may have different maintenance schedules and different needs for oil. Oil filters should be changed on a regular basis as well. Check your owner’s manual to stay up-to-date on your car’s needs, because if your oil is not changed when it needs to be, your engine might undergo unnecessary wear and tear.

Why Choose Tom Gill Chevrolet?

Tom Gill Chevrolet employs factory-certified technicians who know your Chevrolet inside and out. Our service center mechanics are required to maintain regular training to stay current on the latest in repair and automotive technology, so you can be sure that even the latest Chevrolet models are safe in our hands. We know your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, and we know what kind of oil works best with your engine to keep it humming along.

What Other Services are Available?

Tom Gill Chevrolet offers a lifetime warranty on certain services to our customers who purchase new vehicles. Parts covered under this warranty include DuraStop brake components, wheel bearing and hub assemblies, shock absorbers and struts, and more. You’d never have to pay for a repair on these parts when you go to Tom Gill Chevrolet! And buying a new or used vehicle at our dealership also guarantees lifetime nitrogen inflation for your vehicle’s tires.

Any time you stop by Tom Gill Chevrolet, we’ll check your tire pressure and refill them with nitrogen as needed, free of charge. Filling your tires with nitrogen ensures that your tire retains its air pressure, which is important for proper handling and fuel efficiency.

Get Your Oil Changed at Tom Gill Chevrolet

Once you’re ready to let the automotive experts at Tom Gill Chevrolet take over your car’s maintenance, repairs, and oil changes, you can schedule your service online or just visit us at 7830 Commerce Road in Florence, KY where we are just a short drive from Milford. You can also contact our service staff with any questions!