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The Chevy bowtie logo is instantly recognizable while perusing our new inventory, but what are the true origins of this iconic emblem? The answer isn’t clear-cut. While some claim the bowtie was copied from hotel wallpaper, others believe the origins date back to compressed coal. Learn all about the theories on one of the most recognizable insignias to this day with our exploration of the Chevy logo history.

1916 Original Chevrolet Bowtie
1957-59 Chevrolet Bowtie
2004 Chevrolet Bowtie
2013 Chevrolet BowTie

The Paris Theory

The Chevy bowtie emblem was introduced way back in 1913, and the authors of The Chevrolet Story penned the most popular theory to date. The co-founder of the Chevrolet company, William C. Durant, was a world traveler. During a visit to Paris, he was struck by the mesmerizing design on the hotel wallpaper. He tore a piece of the wallpaper and brought it back to the States, where it served as inspiration for the Chevy bowtie logo.

The Newspaper Theory

Durant’s daughter had an alternative take, which she described in her own memoirs. She stated that Durant’s design came not from a trip abroad, but from their very own family kitchen. Her father frequently doodled designs at the dinner table, and he stumbled upon the perfect design between courses one day. This design became the signature Chevy bowtie logo that adorns cars to this day.


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The Coalettes Theory

Others claim that Durant modified existing designs to create something striking for the auto brand. Durant’s widow claimed that he drew heavy inspiration from a newspaper ad for “Coalettes,” a product made by the Southern Compressed Coal company. The Coalettes logo was a slanted bowtie with a bold, graphic look. The historian of The Chevrolet Review did some digging to find the vintage ad, and he confirmed that the two emblems were quite similar.

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While we may never find out the definitive origins to the Chevy bowtie emblem, the Chevy logo history is a fascinating look back at this legendary brand. Take a closer look at the Chevy bowtie logo when you visit Tom Gill Chevy for a test drive in the model of your choice. Contact us for more information!


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