What Are the Benefits of OEM Chevy Parts?

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If your new or used Chevy vehicle is in need of a repair or modifications around, you may be curious about the benefits of OEM Chevy parts. OEM or “Original Equipment Manufacturer” parts are produced by the original manufacturer or your vehicle – Chevrolet, in this case. OEM Chevy parts are built with the same materials and expertise as the original components you’re replacing, designed to deliver peak performance around Cincinnati, OH.

When compared to aftermarket options, OEM parts are sometimes more expensive, but you’ll enjoy superior overall quality, greater reliability, warranty coverage, and more. Learn more with the Tom Gill Chevrolet parts center, below!

Aftermarket Parts Explained

Major auto manufacturers such as Chevrolet do not produce aftermarket parts. These parts are built by third party companies not associated with Chevrolet and are often produced at a high volume. Aftermarket options are designed to fit as many makes and models as possible, not just Chevy models.

When comparing Chevrolet parts vs. aftermarket options, you’ll often find that aftermarket parts are cheaper, but this is because the fit they offer is mediocre at best. For this reason, auto manufacturers do not recommend using aftermarket parts; the savings you get in cost often translated to work cutting and fitting the part to fit your vehicle or reduced quality in materials (or both).

Aftermarket parts do not meet the strict quality standards of OEM parts, which is reflected in their overall quality, fit, and reliability.

A Closer Look at Chevrolet OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

Curious to know more about why Chevrolet parts are favorable when compared to aftermarket options? In addition to superior quality, there are a few more reasons to go with genuine Chevy parts:

  • Easier to Find What You Need: No matter what Chevrolet parts you’re searching for, when you shop OEM you won’t have to fret about comparing prices and quality. You can rest assured you’re shopping a selection of appropriate parts for your model at the best price possible without second-guessing your purchase.
  • Warranty Coverage: When you purchase your Chevy parts from a certified dealership like Tom Gill Chevrolet, they’ll be covered by a Limited Parts Warranty. Aftermarket parts don’t often offer such an advantage. In fact, the use of aftermarket parts could jeopardize your vehicle’s factory warranty coverage if it can be shown that the part caused damage to your vehicle.
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What’s the bottom line? OEM Chevrolet parts are built to be just as reliable and last just as long as the original Chevy parts you’re replacing. The same cannot be said for aftermarket parts.

Find the Chevrolet Parts You Need at Tom Gill Chevrolet

Shopping for Chevrolet OEM parts near Covington and Independence? Look no further than the parts center here at Tom Gill Chevrolet! Our Chevy parts professionals have the knowledge and experience to help you find just what you need and can assist you when it comes time to place an order. If you have any lingering questions surrounding Chevrolet OEM parts or model-specific accessories, we encourage you to contact us or check out our additional parts tips and tricks!

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